The EastSide Show | Holiday Break

Being involved in many community events sometimes has its consequences.  This is one of them.  We are postponing The EastSide Show for the remainder of 2017.  The Music Fest & Art Market organizers, Terry & Bonnie, have gotten too busy in the Fall & Winter of 2017 to continue.

Araceli & Bonnie at The EastSide Show ~ Music Fest & Art Market

Area musicians and performers love the stage!  Artists in the market are harder to come by, apparently.  It’s hard work being a Thriving Artist in Flagstaff.  I have the venue and program designed to help you reach a larger network, and thus, a larger salary.  The day of independent businesses is here; join and grow with us; over on the East-side.


If you are interested in joining the new team that will organize the event in the future, please send an email to Bonnie.