Devin Hanson

October 2008

Thanks for the music this evening! It’s just what my soul needed! It was a God given moment to set my mind and soul at ease and bring some peace into my life.

Here’s my story:

I set out tonight and walked to White Dove from Downtown where I live. I needed a moment to focus my thoughts and call to God for peace and wisdom. I went to White Dove expecting to take some pictures, but God had a different plan. I heard you start playing and just the peaceful sound of the guitar immediately began to put my mind at rest. I quickly realized that God did not bring me there to take pictures but to rest, and find strength in Him. In the last few years I have always thought about starting a coffee shop where local artist (music and graphic artists) can get some exposure. Sitting there in that coffee shop brought that dream/passion for coffee, music, and ministry back to life. Especially as you played the song “Taxi Cab Driver” (I think that’s what you called it.) That song reminded me to keep my dreams alive and trust God that he will provide as I follow him and allow him to be a part of my dreams. Anyway, too say the least, God used you tonight to bless my life with peace. I am SO thankful that you didn’t bring an amp tonight. The quite sound of truly acoustic music is just what I needed.

I know this doesn’t help you at all financially. But I thought at least it might be encouraging for you to know that God used you to bless me.
Thanks again for the calming and encouraging music!

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Thank you for being a wonderful, positive, and kind teacher to Giselle. She really has a great attitude toward pursuing music. More >>>

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