Student Band Program

Discover your talent by joining the Flagstaff School of Music (FSM) Student Band!                       

This weekly program provides an education in playing various styles of music with other musicians in a band rehearsal setting.  The purpose is to make ‘Performance Ready’ and to take the band out into the community for various events to display their accomplishment, as well as to instill the values required to maintain a healthy, and successful band environment.  Members of the music school will learn essential values realizing excellence takes practice, a flexible spirit, a willingness to help the other members, faithfulness to each other by consistent attendance, good communication, self confidence, and humility.   

   FSM instructors and area musicians provide workshops and techniques on student instruments, songwriting, and other performance driven studies.  

Many genres will be experienced, forming a variety band for events throughout Flagstaff, Northern Arizona, and even a chance to go to Tennessee as the International Blues Competition winner.  They could be opening for other bands as well as a regular place in The EastSide Show.  The band will be directed by an experienced instructor for a 60-90 minute weekly band practice on Wednesdays from 7-8 PM for just $50/month (no classes on the 5th weeks).