Special Event | Workshop for YOU

Special event coming to Flagstaff Music School March 31st!

Communicating With Heart will have a special workshop titled, “Emotional Self-Care:  Caring for THE Most Important Person in Your Life”

In this session we’ll “peel the onion” of Self-Care by, first, exploring the stories that we inherited about Self-Care then moving into learning tools and practices that improve Self-Care. The tools range from those to use in the moment (Emergency Self-Care) to those that determine where you put your energy for the long term (Living Your Dreams).

This highly interactive and spirited training will provide time-tested tools that will improve your relationship with YOU using the Compassionate (Nonviolent) Communication model.Through this daylong course, participants will develop skills to:

  • Defuse negative self-talk by finding the wisdom it holds
  • Practice Self-Forgiveness and Self-Gratitude
  • Learn to say “No” in ways that honor you and build relationships

To learn ALL the details, and enroll.