Practice Ideas

Have a goal for each practice session. People achieve more of their goals once they determine what their goals are, and are focused on those goals. A fundamental goal for every player is to take time to play anything you like during each practice session.

Practice playing time in all styles. It’s a good idea to be open minded to other styles of music other than the kind(s) you think you like. Try playing really slow & as fast as you can, just for fun. It’s silly and may inspire you.

Work on technique exercises until they feel natural. Playing slowly makes you more accurately. It will become more musical later on depending on your discipline.

If you can hear the music in your head, before you start to play, it will help you sound more musical right away. That’s why we encourage our students to learn the music that they like.

It’s a really good idea to warm up with your scales. Ending your practice session playing the scales, again is a good idea.