What Makes Sound | Community Music Program for Young Ones (with their caregivers)

KinderFusion – Karli Haviland  Director 

Karli has been involved in the early childhood field for 6 years and was trained in the Reggio-Emilio Philosophy. She fuses her passion for babies and preschool aged children, her knowledge of child-centered learning, and her background as a musician to create Flagstaff’s newest addition to the Mama-Baby group classes. In her free time, Karli loves spending time with her husband and daughter, dancing with Canyon Movement Company, attending births as a doula, and enjoying all that Flagstaff has to offer.

This is a brand new music class for kiddos 5 & under to explore musical principles and instruments with their parent or caregiver. She comes from a lifetime of musical background and years working in the early childhood world specializing in a Reggio Emilia approach to learning. This type of learning invites children to learn in their own unique way and treats the classroom as a teacher, the teacher as a co-learner, and the kids as the leader in their own learning.

Kids will be invited to explore rhythm and pace in circle time, the different musical instrument families in free play, and will have several opportunities to make their own instruments to bring home using found objects and up-cycling. Our holistic approach to musical learning is sure to bring your young one and you a new understanding of music and a fun hour of bonding and playing.     

Karli can be reached by email:  Karli@FlagstaffSchoolofMusic.com