Music in the Mall this Friday

Yes, it’s that Music in the Mall series again.  Yes, the days changed!  The time stayed the same.  Now on Fridays from 5-7 PM.  Join us for dinner, skip cooking, and take advantage of the food court discounts while Terry captivates our souls.

Terry Alan has been entertaining audiences for over thirty years. Experience has taught him the value of mixing music from many genres, captivating a large audience and those older and younger alike.  Make sure to arrive early to get your seat!

Distinguished as dynamic and flexible, Terry presents everything from gospel to rock, country to classical, jazz, blues, funk, and folk. As a precise and proficient performer, Terry’s music captures the heart of the song and the songwriter. His original pieces intricately layer beautiful melodies on top of a classical/jazz performance designed to draw in the listener and calm the mind.

Entertainer & Performer
Terry Alan