Performance Ready Package

by Terry Alan (Master Guitar Instructor / FSM Owner)

Performance Ready Package by Terry Alan ~ Guitar is my primary instrument, and recently added the ukulele and mandolin to my classroom.  As Master Guitar Instructor I’ve created a special music program in which students will have an hour to practice scales and techniques, demonstrate their accomplishments for the week, discuss theory and key as it relates to the song they are learning, and then get the final details to polish their performance.  Learn about proper microphone usage, arranging the song set, being entertaining, using Loop stations (for playing tracks over yourself), the music business, experience rare opportunities to accompany me on the stage, as well as promotional marketing assistance with performance opportunities.

Student learns about:

Master Guitar Instructor
Terry Alan
Performance Ready Package Instructor

  • Sound system
  • Embellishing within the song
  • Stage presence
  • Special curriculum
  • Individual composition
  • Putting a set list together
  • Polishing songs
  • Picking the right songs

Cost: $250 per month
Meets weekly for one hour 

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