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We are taking the summer off to enjoy time with family & friends.  We hope you enjoy your summer by attending live music concerts and festivals.

As we gear up for Fall Enrollment (near the bottom of the page), please use the enrollment form listing your top 2 days of the week that best fit into your schedule, as well as morning or afternoon time slots.

Bonnie – Music School Administrator

Moira loves music “class.”

About our program & the director:

This is a brand new music class for kiddos 5 & under to explore musical principles and instruments with their parent or caregiver. Director, Karli Haviland, comes from a lifetime of musical background and years working in the early childhood world specializing in a Reggio Emilia approach to learning. This type of learning invites children to learn in their own unique way and treats the classroom as a teacher, the teacher as a co-learner, and the kids as the leader in their own learning.


Kids will be invited to explore rhythm and pace in circle time, the different musical instrument families in free play, and will have several opportunities to make their own instruments to bring home using found objects and up-cycling. Our holistic approach to musical learning is sure to bring your young one and you a new understanding of music and a fun hour of bonding and playing.  Utilizing our largest studio with many “real” instruments throughout the music school at their disposal.

Monthly Tuition: $40 per month

Will not meet on the 5th week of months.

There are no make-up sessions with group classes.

**We offer “Discounts” if you have more than one child that you wish to attend this fun program!







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Click here for more info on the class and Karli.

We look forward to being a part of your musical journey!