Soft Reopening Plan – 8/17/20

A soft reopening of the music school will start on 8/17/20 until at least 8/31/20. This two week period of time will be open to a small amount of private students having individual music instruction inside the music school.   Remember, we’ll be conducting a COVID-19 questionnaire prior to each class.  If a student, or family member, can not answer no to all the questions, the class will be rescheduled to help ensure we are all practicing best health together. 

During this time, we are asking everyone to not use the toys, play the lounge piano, touch books or anything not belonging to them.  We will tape off every other table in the hallway to prohibit the spread of germs, and to practice social distancing.  

Our instructors will all be wearing a face covering of their choice.  All students will be required to wear a face covering as well.  We will have a limited supply of face masks for backup. Please help us keep our costs down by providing your own.

We are frequently wiping down and sanitizing surfaces with CDC approved peroxide disinfectant, especially in high contact areas such as the entrance, eating area, toys, books, door handles, and restrooms.  We are sanitizing more often.

Everyone entering the music school must wash their hands immediately, or use their own hand sanitizer prior to entering.  We will provide hand sanitizer in the entrance. 

We ask each person visiting the music school to use common sense, and if they are sick or have traveled recently to reschedule their class.  

Thank you for continuing to support Your Community Music School during this challenging time.

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Flagstaff School of Music
(928) 268-1108
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What can I say? Your music is perfect and I am listening to it on repeat! It conjures images, it inspires ideas, it soothes and it adds a level of pride and professionalism to our project that  I cannot thank you enough for. Looking forward to adding more selections down the road. Thanks again, Terry!… More >>>

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