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I started out with piano lessons at age 5 and trombone at age 9. Soon after, I gravitated towards playing the drums and after his school awarded a tuition scholarship for music performance at a state university. Since 2011, I have been in Flagstaff helping students learn about playing and preforming music. I believe the experience of learning to play drums and other percussion instruments leads to enjoyment and fun to nearly all who have tried. Performing music for others is among the most fulfilling experience a person can have. I’m also teaching beginning trombone for anyone interested in joining.


I am not alone in thinking that music lessons can benefit the individual in a variety of ways including confidence, self-expression, focus and attention, and memory throughout the students’ life.


The goal for my students is to develop in 3 main areas: 1- Coordinated independence of the limbs, this includes technique and styles. 2- Understanding musical concepts and developing practice strategies and stamina to perform them. 3- Focusing our awareness of “the sound” as well as on the sound of other musicians in order to respond musically using all of the skills learned in the first 2 areas.


All of this can be experienced by joining private classes in my studio within Flagstaff School of Music.  


Welcoming students of all ages and skill levels.

Contact Information

Flagstaff School of Music
(928) 268-1108
2213 E 7th Ave,
Flagstaff, Arizona 86004


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6/11/09  —  One of the things that I love about you is that no matter how I’m feeling, good bad or otherwise, when I walk in, I always feel better when I walk out. You have a talent for support and inspiration. More >>>

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