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Jeff Statt joins the teaching team at Flagstaff School of Music with > 40 years of experience playing guitar. Like most guitar enthusiasts, he grew up learning chords, some scales and lots of songs but didn’t really understand the music theory behind the instrument. After turning 50 he made the commitment to go back and really learn music theory, and it opened up a whole new instrument to him. He can now share his learning experiences with others, and give students a well-rounded approach at learning to play.

There will be a focus on dexterity skills, knowing the fret board, chord shapes, scales, techniques and the theory behind it all. Something Jeff calls the 360 approach. Your individual needs and interests will be a primary goal in your lessons. Teaching the music the students enjoy makes for the best curriculum!

Beginners are in good hands with Jeff while advanced players will master Jazz, theory, and more. Flagstaff School of Music

Contact Information

Flagstaff School of Music
(928) 268-1108
2213 E 7th Ave,
Flagstaff, Arizona 86004


Here's What People Say...!

What can I say? Your music is perfect and I am listening to it on repeat! It conjures images, it inspires ideas, it soothes and it adds a level of pride and professionalism to our project that  I cannot thank you enough for. Looking forward to adding more selections down the road. Thanks again, Terry!… More >>>

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