Guitar Stringing Workshop on 12/17/16

Where:   Flagstaff School of Music, which is located at 2213 E. 7th Ave.   (next to White Dove Coffee & behind Satchmo’s BBQ)

Why:        Guitar strings should be changed at least once a year because they get rusty and dull.  The more you play the more you’ll be changing strings; so learn how NOW!
Cost:        $7 cash or check to pay the instructor – Cost to get a guitar re-strung at a shop = $20 or more.  Breaking a string usually happens to the inexperienced student.  It’s a less expensive lesson to learn how to do this the proper way rather than doing it on your own.
Bring:     a set of Medium gauge strings similar to strings you have now; Steel or Nylon
                  a clean lint free cotton cloth to wipe your guitar clean all over including the fret board (perfect time to do this)
                  an instrument tuner

Optional:  a small wire cutter  & a string winder that can be purchased at any music store

Reserve your seat by sending an email to  She’d love to hear from anyone with questions you may have.

Contact Information

Flagstaff School of Music
(928) 268-1108
2213 E 7th Ave,
Flagstaff, Arizona 86004


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Our son Tyler has taken guitar lessons from Terry Alan at the Flagstaff School of Music for the past 6 years. Terry has taken Tyler from the basics to where he is today with the ability to learn and play most pieces of music, perform for an audience, and play as part of a worship… More >>>

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