Tony Perez – Strings – Mandolin – Guitar

Tony Perez – Violin / Guitar / Mandolin / Bass / Viola / Cello / Ukulele / Electric Bass / Beginner Piano    &      Group Guitar 

Tony Perez teaches 9 different instruments at our music school!

I remember the first time I saw a violin played. It was 2008, and I was 10 at a Middle School concert where the performer played Iron Man by Black Sabbath backed by an electric guitar, bass, and drum set. It was a day I will never forget because it was the day I decided to start playing the violin. I was classically trained at the beginning, but quickly grew interested in other styles like bluegrass, popular country, rock, blues, funk, jazz, & metal. I started gigging when I was 12 years old in Las Cruces, New Mexico in a violin-cello duo named ViCello where I quickly learned how to function in the independent music scene. At age 14, I joined a country and southern-blues band currently known as A Lifetime to Overcome. During High School I gigged with my Dad’s college group Echo (now known as A Si Me Gusta) where I assumed the role of lead guitar player, and I started my own Jazz Quintet where I still perform as the guitarist called Smoove Groove. Although these were regular groups, I have made debuts in albums and live performances with the Tell Runyan Band (Country Group), Tiny Birds (Rock Group), and The Coolside Collective(Jazz Combo). I currently play as the guitarist with the Smoove Groove Quintet in New Mexico, double violin and guitar in a local group called Earthtones, and perform in a number of school ensembles such as the NAU Symphony Orchestra, the NAU Chamber Orchestra, and the NAU Jazz Combo program.

 After graduating High School, I auditioned, was accepted to, and earned scholarships at Berklee School of Music, Texas Tech University, New Mexico State University, University of New Mexico, Arizona State University, and Northern Arizona University where I currently am studying to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education with Violin as my Primary instrument. I have been teaching private lessons since 2014, and have experience teaching classical guitar, classical violin, jazz violin, blues guitar, and have had experience teaching in the FFOTM program called Young Jammers.  My top priority in teaching is keeping music engaging and interesting. The capabilities of music is infinite so there is always something interesting to learn. Living by this philosophy, I have picked up methods on how to teach all styles of Violin, Guitar, Mandolin, and Viola for all ages that are willing to take on music.





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