Joe Sweet

 Joe Sweet – Resident Instructor   Drums / Percussion
Joe is an amazing drum instructor at Flagstaff School of Music.

Joe is our resident drum instructor.

I enjoy finding methods to motivate and engage each individual student with his enthusiastic and fun loving nature. I am passionate about keeping music fun, and believes that students learn more effectively when they study the music they enjoy.

Each student is an individual and learns in different ways. Normal learning will include: 1.) hand and foot technique with application to the drum set, 2.) 40 standard rudiments, 3.) reading music such as drum set notation, song charts, and rhythmic notation, 4.) history and evolution of drum set with common applications to all styles of music, 5.) music listening skills, 6.) how to musically interact with other musicians in regard to expression, support, response, and soloing. These 6 avenues are the fundamental building blocks to drum set education which enable the student to control their playing effortlessly, understand music and drum set thoroughly, and express themselves vividly.

I have been playing and performing music for 24 years with experience in drum set and classical piano. I have performed drum set in church, Funk/Blues and Rock bands, Latin and R&B/Hip Hop bands, including Jazz and Fusion. I have been teaching in private lessons, summer camps, student bands and the classroom setting for 5 years.