Guitar Stringing Workshop on 12/17/16

Where:   Flagstaff School of Music, which is located at 2213 E. 7th Ave.   (next to White Dove Coffee & behind Satchmo’s BBQ)

Why:        Guitar strings should be changed at least once a year because they get rusty and dull.  The more you play the more you’ll be changing strings; so learn how NOW!
Cost:        $7 cash or check to pay the instructor – Cost to get a guitar re-strung at a shop = $20 or more.  Breaking a string usually happens to the inexperienced student.  It’s a less expensive lesson to learn how to do this the proper way rather than doing it on your own.
Bring:     a set of Medium gauge strings similar to strings you have now; Steel or Nylon
                  a clean lint free cotton cloth to wipe your guitar clean all over including the fret board (perfect time to do this)
                  an instrument tuner

Optional:  a small wire cutter  & a string winder that can be purchased at any music store

Reserve your seat by sending an email to  She’d love to hear from anyone with questions you may have.