Group Guitar Program | All Ages in Jan.


Jan. 11, 2018 at 6 PM – 45 mins. weekly classes

Bring a guitar OR rent from us

Registration fee $25 – includes book

Monthly tuition $40 (No class on 5th week of month)

Announcing a Beginner Group Guitar Program for ALL AGES.  Designed to teach the motor skills necessary to play guitar in a fun and relaxed social environment.  We conduct recitals as a part of our program, and therefore take the 5th week off.  Ask us about a guitar package for purchasing.


To give the student the fundamentals for playing the guitar in a fun and relaxed environment.

To provide the encouragement necessary to overcome the first hurdles to their success.

To bring a balance of techniques, theory, scales, rhythm, melody, ear training, and playing with others.

To learn how to sing along with their playing.

To learn the chords in five keys and how to strum them into songs.

To make the student ready for Guitar ONE Classes.


First class includes a parent as we learn how to communicate the lesson materials to the student and how the parent can help.

You may join the class at any time;  you will graduate to Guitar One when you accomplish the motor skills that are necessary.

Call 928-268-1108 for more details.