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Flagstaff Music School (FSM) has become a staple entity on the East Side of Flagstaff.  As a community resource, we work with organizations and businesses throughout the area to bring music to Flagstaff.  Through our regular music programs, monthly events and activities, and community involvement, FSM is known all over town for promoting music and art.

Obviously, we are all about Music Lessons and Classes.  Our main goal is to teach both kids and adults how to play an instrument.  Our instructors are top-notch musicians and work hard to make sure that taking classes at FSM are both productive and enjoyable.  We value having a well-balanced music program that services people of all ages.

Music is not only about learning an instrument, but also about learning the love of music. 

We realize people have different goals and different ways of learning, and as such offer a free consultation to design our instruction through.  It is important that we empower our students to learn music at their own pace and in a way that fosters experimentation and creativity.

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Where are classes held? FSM is located at 2213 E. 7th Ave., Flagstaff, Arizona 86004. Group and private classes are held in our spacious studios. We invite you to visit beautiful Sunnyside Flagstaff, and see for yourself how large our music studios are, and invite you to our casual atmosphere any time. Perhaps you’ve noticed… More >>>

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Flagstaff School of Music
(928) 268-1108
2213 E 7th Ave,
Flagstaff, Arizona 86004


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Thank you so much Terry, you truly are the most impact-ful and heartfelt teacher I’ve encountered. Thank you for the encouragement, I look forward to growing my new voice and song with the wings you’ve given me! BIGGEST HUG – Jessi More >>>

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