The EastSide Show | Art Market & Music Fest

September 9th music line-up (our final show of 2017):

12:00  Reilly Alexander (outside)

12:00  John Marcus & students (inside)

1:00  Smurf

1:30  Cathy Snow and Karen Appleby

2:00  Ryan Biter

3:00 Frank Loro  

3:30  Eric Barrett & Terry Alan

4:00 Terry Alan

5:00  Savannah Chappus

6:00 – 8:00  — Pine Trio

What is this event???

The EastSide Show is all about community.  We are like an art walk and our goals are to support the local artists, musicians and small businesses.  Our show is about bringing together people from all over Flagstaff to have a venue to show off their talent and display their work.  Flagstaff School of Music and White Dove Coffee have partnered to put on this awesome event every month.

If you are a musician…  If you are an artist…  If you are a micro-business with a product.

If you are an extra-ordinary performer, dancer…

We have the venue | All we need is YOU!

We’re taking the remainder of 2017 off, and will be back again in 2018!

See a little movie made from summer 2016 of all the artists involved so far…

Signup Form

We are always trying to encourage our community musicians, artists, and small businesses to be a part of The EastSide Show. If you wish to perform during one of our shows and/or would like to have a free vendor booth, simply fill out the following form below or you can contact us.  This is not an open mic event as music is scheduled, changes throughout the day, and is promoted through social media outlets and such in order to grow an audience.

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