Music Class Tuition & Other Music Programs

Flagstaff School of Music classes, workshops, and events are priced to cater to all budgets. We want our students to get the best value and enjoyment out of learning music!

Private music class tuition is paid directly to your instructor.  Please do not make any tuition payments to the music school.  Any accessories such as: guitar books, accessories, apparel, and instrument rental, are paid to the school.

We prefer using the Bill Pay system.  This is a free service through your personal banking institution set up by you to be mailed to us, and paying without taking class time, or making a special trip.  Please ask your private instructor for this form, and follow the instructions on it, making sure to ask us if you have any questions.

We are now offering online “Membership” to make it easier for you to pay for your monthly tuition. This is done via PayPal through our website. By paying online, you will be able to choose the best option for yourself and can easily choose a method that automatically processes things so you don’t have to ever think about it.

(Please note that we do also take payments at the Music School by both Check and Cash.)
(All class scheduling must be done via phone, email or at the Music School.)

Private Classes

We believe everyone can learn how to play.  Private Classes can be for anyone age 4 & up.  This is your special time with a private instructor.  We have plenty of ‘purposes to your practice’ by performing in one of our many events and recitals.

30 Minute Classes: $110 per month 

60 Minute Classes: $220 per month 


Group Guitar Program                               

What happens in a group guitar classroom?                                                                        


Guitar Tablature

Chord Diagrams

Strum Principles

Basic Theory



Proper Techniques

Students will receive:

  • Individualized attention
  • Develop passion for music
  • Playing with others in an atmosphere of fun
  • Goal/Reward System
  • Progressive curriculum designed by our own instructors
  • Affordable for any budget
  • Performance opportunities
  • Increased confidence

Having fun!  One of our main goals.

Please Use the Following Form to Signup


Email Address:


Who is the class for:

Do you need a Guitar:





6 and ABOVE

This program has three semesters to progress through before enrolling in private classes.  Music performance is a part of this program, and will not meet on the 5th weeks as such.  We have guitars to rent for $20/mo. as needed.

Registration Fee: $25

Includes Book 1

First Month’s Tuition: $40 (per month)

Paid monthly at the first class.

There are no make up classes for group classes.


Performance Ready Package

by Terry Alan (Master Guitar Instructor / FSM Owner)

Student learns about:

  • Sound system
  • Embellishing within the song
  • Stage presence
  • Special curriculum
  • Individual composition
  • Putting a set list together
  • Polishing songs
  • Picking the right songs

Cost: $250 per month
Meets weekly for one hour 


We look forward to being a part

of your musical journey!

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