Group Guitar Program Begins

Time to start a new habit for 2017!  Join group guitar classes at Your Community Music School now!

Group guitar classes are designed to prime the student with Intro to Guitar class and prepare them for Beginner Guitar.

By thoroughly teaching the students motor skills, practice disciplines, and fundamentals, students gain confidence and learn the techniques needed to graduate to the next group class, and eventually to private instruction.  When the student can demonstrate the ability to play three chords in five keys and a well-timed strum, as well as some basic melodies, they advance to Beginner Guitar.  A recital held at White Dove Coffee (next door to FSM) will showcase students’ knowledge for family & friends at the completion of each session.

New 2017 classes start on 1/5/17 & 1/9/17  – Make sure to send any questions & to enroll to


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