Meet our Talented Music Instructors

Terry Alan in a Brown Fedora

Terry Alan – Guitar Master / Ukulele /  Mandolin

Terry Alan playing guitar at an outdoor wedding.

Terry Alan – entertainer & performer – great for weddings, private parties, and more!

There are pictures of me playing guitar at four years of age, but I started taking lessons at the age of ten and continued weekly instruction for eight years. I learned to play Rock and Roll on the road as a traveling musician, meticulously duplicating the chords and solos of my mentors; Eric Clapton, Mick Ralphs, David Gilmour, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, and countless others. I also developed a solo acoustic performance with music by the Beatles, James Taylor, Jim Croce, and many other songwriters that we all are familiar with. The lessons in playing that the road experience gave me, helped me develop my ‘ear’ for playing and I teach my students how to have that same ability. Every lesson is built around understanding how to improve player techniques and enjoying the process, how to ‘hear’ what their part is in the song and how to duplicate it, how to understand the key that they are in and the way to ‘Jam’ along with it.

I believe in my heart that ANYONE CAN PLAY.  We all have different learning styles and I enjoy getting to know my student’s particular abilities and hurdles. I firmly believe in the power of learning music to help students of all ages with improved academics, and self esteem. I have witnessed children with tremendous insecurities, ‘coming out’ of their shells and engaging in life. Middle-aged students have become a favorite of mine as they need the healing and restorative nature of learning music as much as anyone.  The elderly now have time on their hands and I commit to teaching them the style of music that they enjoy and I know that music is better than Vitamin E for their mind.

Guitar is my primary instrument, and recently added the ukulele and mandolin to my classroom.

It has been noted often that Terry’s approach is “The fun way to learn music.”   This is an important philosophy FSM imparts through each instructor that joins our musical family!

Here are a few example of tunes performed by Terry Alan:  Time in a Bottle  Route 66   Journey to Rome (original)   Performing with a student at a recital     The EastSide Show – The Other Art Walk video

Steve BabcockBanjo / Vocals / Guitar  

Steve Babock – Banjo Instructor

Steve Babcock – Guitar & Vocal Instructor

From a life-long passion for music, I bring a wealth of experience as a performer, song writer, musician and teacher. I received classical vocal training during high school and college at the Chautauqua Institute in upstate New York, at SUNY Fredonia and at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, New York. I have performed with a variety of vocal ensembles, including Gospel choirs, Glee clubs and Madrigal groups. In more recent years, I have performed as a folk musician, writing original songs styled as justice-folk-rock. My local bands have included Time for Change; a trio of vocal musicians accompanied by guitar and Pure Dead Brilliant a Celtic band performing traditional Irish and Celtic ballads with instrumentation. I currently perform with Sweetgrass who play a tight mix of folk and acoustic rock classics. 

In addition to my proficiency as a vocalist, guitarist and banjo player, I have my Master of Arts in Education from the University of Phoenix. My past profession as an elementary school Speech and Language Therapist gives me a thorough knowledge of vocal anatomy and care of the voice.  I have worked in public education for over 30 years, as an elementary teacher, Speech Therapist and Special Education teacher and, for the last seven years, a grants administrator. My background as an educator brings with it a comfort and familiarity with teaching, assessment and the discipline to help students succeed. I look forward to instructing students from 12 years old to adult in voice, guitar and banjo. I will also be offering workshops in song writing and recording music with Garage Band.

John Marcus – Flute/ Piano / Woodwinds /  Beginner Guitar

John Marcus just joined our music school.Music has been a passion in my life since beginning lessons at the age of 8.  I hold a B.A. in Instrumental Music (Flute) from Cal State North ridge.  After working as a music therapist in Canada, Mexico and France, I undertook a 25 year career as a teacher, where it was a great joy to bring music as an element in instruction in many curricular areas.  I have experienced so many times how learning and playing music brings an integration of the mind, the senses, and the body. It brings peace and well-being to people of all ages,and has been shown to significantly aid in the development of integrated functions in the mind and brain of the growing child.

John - sitar picDuring my life-long journey with music I have had the opportunity to develop skill on many kinds of instruments—winds, strings, keyboards and percussion, and to give performances in a variety of venues and musical styles, such as classical, jazz, and various world music cultures, especially Indian music.  I have found that even a modest level of skill on any type of instrument can lead to a lifetime of enjoyable playing opportunities.  I am excited to join the Flagstaff School of Music and offer my love of music and variety of teaching strategies to the community.

 Joe Sweet – Resident Instructor   Drums / Percussion
Joe is an amazing drum instructor at Flagstaff School of Music.

Joe is our resident drum instructor.

I enjoy finding methods to motivate and engage each individual student with his enthusiastic and fun loving nature. I am passionate about keeping music fun, and believes that students learn more effectively when they study the music they enjoy.

Each student is an individual and learns in different ways. Normal learning will include: 1.) hand and foot technique with application to the drum set, 2.) 40 standard rudiments, 3.) reading music such as drum set notation, song charts, and rhythmic notation, 4.) history and evolution of drum set with common applications to all styles of music, 5.) music listening skills, 6.) how to musically interact with other musicians in regard to expression, support, response, and soloing. These 6 avenues are the fundamental building blocks to drum set education which enable the student to control their playing effortlessly, understand music and drum set thoroughly, and express themselves vividly.

I have been playing and performing music for 24 years with experience in drum set and classical piano. I have performed drum set in church, Funk/Blues and Rock bands, Latin and R&B/Hip Hop bands, including Jazz and Fusion. I have been teaching in private lessons, summer camps, student bands and the classroom setting for 5 years.

Joe KayBass / Keys / Guitar

Joe Kay

Joe Kay – Bass Instructor (acoustic & electric) – courtesy Karli Haviland (local photographer)

I am a native of Los Angeles Calif. and a veteran of the Orange County, Calif. music scene.  My formal music education started on woodwind instruments with roots in classical and jazz.  After picking up guitar, bass and keyboard, I now have over 25 years of experience in Rock, Blues, R&B, Disco and Country genres.

I have been involved in many projects in the Calif. music scene performing in nightclubs, concerts, recording sessions and other events.  This experience gives me insight into how music is constructed, how the songs should be performed, and can assist with songwriting tips.

Now a proud Flagstaff ‘music family resident’, I am excited to establish more roots by offering music instruction at Flagstaff School of Music.

I enjoy live performance, always energetic on stage whether playing the keys, bass, lead vocals, or back up harmonies.  I’d love to see you at one of my next performances in one of my bands.



Emily Millhouse – Violin / Viola / Cello / Beginning Piano

I have been teaching cello, violin and piano for a quarter of a century. I obtained my bachelors in music education in 2008, and my Masters in Cello Performance in 2015 both at Northern Arizona University.

Training under Tanya Carey through the Suzuki Association of the Americas, I am certified in cello books 1-4.  My violin career started with her employment with the Marshall Magnet Elementary School where I taught Suzuki Violin Group Class to at preschoolkindergarten, first and second graders.  I have conducted orchestras both large and small with Marshall Elementary School, Flagstaff High School , FALA, Orchestra Northern Arizona, BASIS.  I also give frequent clinics to cellists throughout Arizona.  I have given cello clinics to Sedona High Schools, Coconino High School and the Valley of the Sun Suzuki Association.  I love to teach Piano, Violin, Cello and Guitar to students of all ages and abilities.  I am also the cellist in the local band Slugs From Space.


Reilly Alexander Private & Group Guitar & Beginning Piano

Reilly teaches both group & private guitar classes.

Reilly teaches both group & private guitar classes.

I have loved music as long as I can remember.  I learned to play many songs on a number of different instruments at an early age, even before I could read music and rhythm notation.  The instrument that my heart has lead me to pursue is the guitar.

My passion for teaching has lead me to the Flagstaff School of Music. In the past I taught group guitar lessons with groups of 5 to 20 students, ranging from the ages of 5 to 65 years old. I also taught a number of private students.

My goal is to use my foundation of classics from Country to Rock to Blues to Pop, so that my students can have a repertoire to draw from as they pursue a future in music to help them learn modern songs and/or to create their own music.  I also help students with their creativity in my guitar classes.

I love to share my knowledge of the guitar in our group guitar classes, which prime a student for private instruction in the future.  I look forward to growing the guitar program at Flagstaff School of Music, and bringing my own performance show to the community.  

Flagstaff School of Music group guitar classes are designed to prime the student with Intro to Guitar class and prepare them for Beginner Guitar.

By thoroughly teaching the students motor skills, practice disciplines, and fundamentals, students gain confidence and learn the techniques needed to graduate to the next group class, and eventually to private instruction.  When the student can demonstrate the ability to play three chords in five keys and a well-timed strum, as well as some basic melodies, they advance to Beginner Guitar.  A recital held at White Dove Coffee (next door to FSM) will showcase students’ knowledge for family & friends at the completion of each session.

IMG_1680Stephanie Page
– Resident Instructor   Piano / Trombone / Euphonium

I am a pianist and a low brass player with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music, and a Minor Degree in Disability Studies from Northern Arizona University. I was chosen as the Outstanding Graduate for the B. A. Music Degree by the School of Music faculty. I have been playing the piano for 15 years and the trombone for 8 years. I am blessed to have received the instruction of David Vining (Professor of Trombone and Euphonium at NAU) for four years; the technique that I learned from him is priceless. Although I have graduated, I still continue to study the piano under the Chase Coleman, who has a Masters in Piano Performance.

It is my genuine belief that making music is for everyone. Studies show that music reduces stress, and offers numerous mental, physical, and emotional benefits. I have always turned to it myself as a form of therapy. It is my passion to work with people of all ages & abilities, and come along side them to achieve the most meaningful musical experience possible.  I work with students from the age of 2 1/2 and up, with or without disabilities. All lessons are tailored to the individual based on their needs and goals. I hope to pursue graduate work in Music Therapy or Expressive Arts Therapy in the near future.

In lessons, students have the opportunity to study theory, ear training, composition, history, technique, and a variety of musical styles. I also believe in the powerful benefits of music in early childhood, and I teach pre-piano and music discovery classes called KiddyKeys for children ages 2 1/2 to 5 years of age.

Please visit her link here:

Bonnie Dumdei is the Marketing and Office Manager at the Flagstaff School of MusicBonnie Dumdei – Administrator & Marketing Manager  –  Community Events PromotionsBon 2013

Ok, so Bonnie isn’t a music instructor, (she doesn’t even play an instrument) but she sure deserves recognition as an outstanding individual that truly makes FSM grow everyday.  Bonnie has a passion for education, and a love for music & community.

Hence, her love and dedication to Flagstaff School of Music. Bonnie and Terry Alan together started FSM with a passion for teaching music in a fun, family-like atmosphere, and they have done just that.

You will see her running the music school, but also at the many community events Flagstaff School of Music students & instructors are involved with.  She loves promoting community – especially music and community!  If you are a musician & need to get hooked up, ask Bonnie, she probably has a connection, or an idea.

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