Where are classes held?
FSM is located at 2213 E. 7th Ave., Flagstaff, Arizona 86004. Group and private classes are held in our spacious studios. We invite you to come on down and take a look at our music classrooms.

How much are music classes?
$100 / mo. meets weekly 1/2 hr
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Can I rent a musical instrument from FSM?
Yes. Instrument rental is $20 (or less) per month.

Does FSM offer any discounts?
We offer many discounts to choose from for summer camp enrollment. We also give current students a reward when a friend enrolls.

Elizabeth-TerryHow often do I come for music classes?
If you’re serious about learing music, weekly classes are the best in order to gain momentum through your learning. Spacing your classes too far apart will lead to having to “RE-learn” much of the last lesson during your current class.

Can I pay for tuition by credit or debit cards?
Yes! Having your banking institution set up a bill pay for your monthly tuition will save you the card transaction fee. We can securely set up auto pay if you choose.

Does FSM have gift certificates available?
Yes, we do! Just ask Bonnie when you come in. Great gift idea!
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How do I get a FREE class?
Click here to register for a free class. If you’d like to call to take advantage of this offer, that’s cool! We’d love to help you get started!

Does Flagstaff School of Music require students to participate in recitals?
It is our goal to give students the skills to become ‘performance ready.’ We want to help people feel comfortable performing in front of others, whether that performance is on a stage or at someone’s home. Quarterly recitals will give students the opportunity to perform and showcase their knowledge in a casual atmosphere.

What instruments can I learn at FSM?
We are providing a quality musical education program including piano, drums, bass, guitar, banjo, mandolin, violin ,viola, cello, harmonica, ukulele, and vocal instruction as well.

Are you offering group classes as well as private?
Yes! We occasionally have group guitar classes, as well as a few workshops.

What ages do you teach music lessons?
We believe each person is different, and can start as early as six, maybe even earlier.

How long has FSM been in business?
Flagstaff School of Music evolved in three years from teaching out of the house, to renting a small studio, to our current, and much larger location. Stop by for a visit in person, get the full tour, and register for your FREE class.

Are you locally owned/operated?
Yes, Terry & his wife Bonnie, have lived in Flagstaff since 1994. They have two great kids, too! We are blessed to add a son-in-law as of June 2013. He’ll be the newest addition to the FSM family as well, greeting you at the front desk, and taking care of tuition.

Can I watch my child while he/she is in class?
Yes! Each studio has enough room for someone to observe in the room if desired. Otherwise you may observe through the studio viewing windows.

Will I get a discount for referring a friend?
Yes! Let Bonnie know when your referral joins, and she’ll make sure you get a great gift! Friends can get a discount to summer camp too.

Do the instructors teach from other books?
We may use other curriculum as well as our own material. Our goal is to make each class as individualized as much as possible, teaching you the songs you want to learn while keeping it FUN and fundamental. Often times we are teaching your kids the music YOU like.

Can I bring my other children to the music school while we wait?
Yes, the front room has plenty of seating, a few games for the kids, and Wi-Fi is available. You may leave your student and run those much needed errands too.

Does FSM have any social networking sites?
Yes! You can find us in Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, LinkedIn & Local.com. You can also find us in the Local Pages phone book. Let us know how you found us.

How many instructors does FSM have?
We have an awesome staff here; visit us & find out more. You can also click here to see bios of our music instructors.

Didn’t find your question?
Just call us! We’re glad to answer all your questions.
(928) 268-1108

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