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Flagstaff School of Music evolved in three years from teaching out of the house, to renting a small music studio, to our current, and much larger location. We are providing a quality musical education program including music lessons in guitar, drums, bass, piano, banjo, mandolin, violin, viola, ukulele, flute, euphonium, trombone, saxophone, trumpet, & harmonica, as well as vocal instruction.

Founded on a desire to share our musical gifts and talents, Flagstaff School of Music understands the value of a well-balanced music program. We realize people have different goals and different ways of learning.

Fundamentals are taught to the student as they learn music that interests them, while keeping the process fun and individualized for every student. We provide the proper amount of theory, techniques, and ear training for students’ specific purposes.

John - sitar pic

John Marcus

The relationships we build through music lessons are priceless! Flagstaff School of Music builds relationships

with our music students by providing an environment in which they feel valued, offer performance opportunities in a non-threatening atmosphere, and encourage experimenting with your music creativity with us.  We are empowered to see our students through to success. Let us share our musical knowledge with you!  We have a variety of instructors teaching most instruments, including voice, to people in our community of all ages.






Student Savannah


The students at FSM vary in age from four years old to eighty-four, or more. Through focused music lessons, every student has the opportunity to be “performance ready” if they desire. Many are here for

musical enjoyment alone. Music has tremendous power to bring peace or to ready troops for

war. Whatever your musical goal may be, we can help you reach it!  We believe everyone can play!

Joe Kay


Terry Allan, Founder and Guitar Instructor at Flagstaff School of Music

Terry Alan – Owner & Master Guitar Instructor

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